Quality Policy

All the products made at Wooden Garden Gazebos are hand-built. We have a small team of dedicated professionals who endeavour to ensure that the product is made to the very highest standards.
As all of our products are hand-built we can tailor to your individual requirements, within the capacity of the material used in liaison with ourselves.
If you have an idea or vision which is not included within our product portfolio please do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss with you all the different possibilities.

Timber is one of the world’s few renewable resources. Softwoods from sustainable plantations relieve pressure of the world’s tropical hardwood resource, and avoid the use of polluting, non-renewable products like steel, concrete and plastics. However, softwoods need protection from decay and insects, in order to perform to our expectations.

Wooden Garden Gazebos work with the most widely used non-arsenic, non-chromium water-based wood preservative in the world. The preservative system used provides long-term protection from decay and insects, using ingredients with minimum health and environmental impact.

The water-based wood preservative is applied by vacuum pressure, when impregnated into wood the chemical components become fixed within the wood structure. The treated wood has excellent weathering properties and gives long term protection against decay and insect attack as shown by numerous evaluation tests.
The preservative has been approved by European Standards.

The internal timbers are all sanded-finish, building grade wood.